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Muscle & Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain are common complaints of all ages and often occurs in conjunction with sport and exercise . Joint disorders can be caused by arthrosis ( osteoarthritis ) or inflammation. Muscle pain is often due to overloading of the muscle , for example in connection with the exercise or monotonous work. Here you will also find products that various ointments and gels and medicines to relieve osteoarthritis but do not miss our training department where we have the support and protection that can provide warmth and relief.

In the category Muscle & Joint pain can find a prescription drug that relieves pain in joints and muscles. In this category there are two groups of drugs , those containing paracetamol and those who are anti-inflammatory . Paracetamol is gentle on the stomach. Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding . Anti-inflammatory drugs can contain different active ingredients such as aspirin , diclofenac, ibuprofen, nabumetone , and naproxen . These active ingredients are not good for those who are pregnant or lactating. If you have or have ever had an ulcer, eating blood thinners or have asthma should avoid these substances.

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