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The symptoms of pollen allergy are similar to those of the common cold and you get water clear nasal discharge , which then turns into slimy and it is common for itching of the nose and eyes. You sneeze often in series, and itching of the eyes and nose is common. Red and watery eyes are also common symptoms . The most important thing you can do to reduce the problem is to avoid pollen. Follow the pollen forecast , sniff not at it's highest pollen concentrations ( airing early morning ) , shower and wash your hair before going to bed , do not take pollen bearing plants that give you trouble and take off your coat when you have been out .

Here, in the category of Allergy you will find the products that will relieve your allergy symptoms . If you have mild discomfort, it is often enough only antihistamine tablets, but you have severe discomfort so supplementing with nasal and / or eye drops. The goal of treatment is to be able to be symptom free throughout the pollen season . If you are not symptom free even when using non-prescription medicines daily throughout the pollen season or to your symptoms persist year round so contact your health center for help.

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