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Vitamin A is another name for the fat-soluble substance retinol. A naturally occurring substance is beta -carotene which is called a carotenoid. They are found in carrots , leafy vegetables and fruits and contributes to the color of these . The carotenoids converted if necessary into vitamin A in the body. A good source of vitamin A include liver , but vitamin A is also found in shortening, milk, sour milk , cheese and eggs. The milk is enriched with the addition of vitamin A in Sweden .

It is unusual lack of vitamin A in Sweden but in other parts of the world it is a big problem and mild deficiency can cause symptoms such as night blindness. A severe deficiency can cause poor immune system. It is important not to ingest too much vitamin . You may not take too much vitamin A by the food but by eating nutritional supplements might be too much so read the table of contents and follow the Swedish nutrition recommendations see the NFA website. Was that always extra careful during pregnancy, when large amounts of vitamin A are suspected of causing an increased risk of birth defects .

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