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B vitamins are a family of eight water-soluble vitamins with many different names. Vitamin B1 also called thiamine and is part of the metabolism. Similarly, a B2 also known as Riboflavin. Niacin is the most common name for vitamin B3 mendans Pantothenic acid is also known as vitamin B5. Vitamin B6 is also called pyridoxine and has several functions related to energy metabolism, homocysteine ​​production, immune function and helps the nervous system's normal operation. Biotin is another name for vitamin B7. Vitamin B9 is our most famous B-vitamin but is known by his middle name Folic Acid. Eating enough Folic acid is especially important before and during pregnancy. Vitamin B12 is also called cobalamin have as many features as B6 and contribute, for instance in energy conversion and the immune system.

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